Moving Your site to to Alba Web

Posted on 08-Apr-2016 Category Hosting News

Moving your website from one hosting provider to another can be a daunting experience for anyone, so many choices and so much jargon!


As some will know 123 hosting has closed and many of you are looking to move your websites to us here at Alba Web Hosting. Moving your site is not hard or complex and we're always happy to perform the move for existing 123 hosting customers. And the whole operation can be done with the minimum of fuss and without disruption to your sites day to day operation.

The 123-Hosting server switch off date set to 30/04/2016 it is in every customers best interest to ensure they are not caught out inthe switch off. They should contact imediately if they are going to transfer to Alba Web OR make arrangements them selves to move to another provider. We honestly can't stress the importance of acting quickly!

Customers wishing to move to Alba Web should do the following.

  1. head over to and set up your new billing account with Alba Web. (this is also the point of contact for help and submitting tickets reporting problems)
  2. Once this is complete email and inform them of your intent to stay and that you have completed and which one of our hosting packages you wish to be transferred to. We will import your website and databases and tell you the new DNS server addresses to switch your domain to.
  3. Backup your emails - Sadly due to lack of compatability with the new system we will be unable to import your email content, so we nees you to back them up. (We will recreate the addresses on the new server to help prevent loss of communication).

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