Scheduled Server move

Posted on 29-Jun-2017 Category Service Status

What you need to know

On the 18/07/2017 we will be initiating a server move to a newer faster server.

Do I need to make changes?
Yes, a number of changes will be needed in some cases. Broadly these are:

  • Adjust email client settings
  • Place transactional websites into maintenance mode shortly before the transfer begins

Full specific details on each of the above steps are detailed in your migration email.

Will there be any down time?
Yes, a small window of downtime is expected, we anticipate this to be between 06:00 and 08:00 BST on your upgrade date.

My email is not coming through, what can I do?
By default, STRIKE which is the anti spam for inbound mail uses the A record of the domain as it's route for directing mail traffic. In these cases, all of the A records were not pointing to Smart's servers as they would be by default, therefore the mail was trying to direct traffic to the A record that was simply rejecting it.

These domains needed to be logged into to change the 'Route' in which the mail directs traffic as the A record isn't a Smart based A record.

To fix this, for the respective domain, you'd need to login to their cPanel and head to the 'Professional Spam Filter' under 'EMAIL'. Select that and then select the respective domain and click 'Login' to the right.

Once logged in, head to 'Edit Route(s) on the left sidebar and adjust the route to be that of the hostname of the server. In this case it was SERVERHOSTNAMEHERE. Input that and remove the previous route (that pointing to the main domain name, which in turn points to the A record hosted elsewhere).

Once complete, save and then head to the 'Clear callout cache' on the left sidebar and clear the cache. Mail will then begin routing correctly and working as normal.

Do i need to change the DNS ?
You should be fine if you are using


When you should be fine as we have already changed ours at our server end and don't anticipate any issues during the switch. If you have used IP addresses when switch over to the above and you should remain uneffected.

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