The importance of backing up your website

Posted on 19-Apr-2016 Category Hosting News

In The News

It is in the news today that 123-reg have suffered a network problem that resulted in data loss. Now concidering the vast quantity of servers they have the actual loss was small but they have been unable to recover 100% of the data. As I was reading this I thought it was only right to highlight the need for backups.

Who's respinsible?

As much as your host provider has a responsibility to back up customers data, the back really stops with the client. I mean who is it that uploaded the site to the server in the first place?

Possible solutions

Always best to backup to multiple locations, cloud services like Dropbox are a good source but what if it closed (like did) but really a cloud solution coupled with a local or preferably off site storaage is an ideal solution. And one of our favorite solutions is GIT. We use for our versioning and backup solutions, and with both paid and free account options to try they really should be your first stop.

As always we are more than happy to help, and advise our customers should they have issues or questions on this or other related items. If you are our customer give us a shout from the client area, or if you have questions about our service and are looking for hosting fill in our contact form.

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